I’ve written a few books at the intersection of faith and community. I hope you find something useful in them. But even if their content doesn’t fit every visitor who browses this site, please know you’re welcome to participate here and discuss the breakdown and recovery of community in general–regardless of background or religious belief.

(Below are the descriptions of my books in all their official back-cover copy glory.)


Books by Sarah

Beyond the Broken Church, from Zondervan, is a collection of heartfelt learnings from Sarah
Cunningham, a young adult raised in the faith, about the church she’s not always sure she wants to be part of. It engages concerns of a disillusioned generation head on and offers hope and honest, practical ideas for moving beyond one’s frustrations. This revised and expanded version of the popular book Dear Church revisits the existing book with additional chapters, fresh statistics, new insights into why people are leaving the church, and a resource guide for those who care about the disillusioned and want to understand them better.  Read the reviews from the original book (titled Dear Church) or pick up the book here


Portable Faith, from Abingdon, is about living and being church rather than just attending it for an hour on Sundays. It explores best practices for living faith beyond the four walls of the church via 33  exercises that raise community awareness. You can read endorsements, search inside or pick up the book here, or read a series of blog posts where blog readers and I discussed some concrete ideas from the book.


The Well Balanced World Changer: A Field Guide to Staying Sane While Doing Good is a collection of wisdom to help passionate leaders of any age. The principles inside will help you discover a manageable pace, maintain healthy expectations, spot challenges before they arrive, and recover more quickly from unavoidable setbacks. Get the book here, read some reviews here, or read some excerpts from the Huffington Post here: Kissing the Other, Why Do I Feel Bad, You’re Gonna Hate, Avoiding Burnout, and 5 Myths.


The Donkey In the Living Room presents a family Christmas tradition that gets parents telling the nativity story in the nine days leading up to Christmas. It is available with a corresponding manger  scene which kids can unwrap  one day at a time during the holiday season. Read reviews, get the fully-illustrated hardback book by itself, get the book and manger scene toy in a set, get the Kindle version, or get the iTunes version with read-aloud capability for kids. Also, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


Picking Dandelions: A Search for Eden Among Life’s Weeds is a warm and witty memoir about coming to religion through the front door. In it, Sarah Cunningham, a moderate middle-class white girl who grew up in the Michigan countryside, speaks about God with humor and honesty more characteristic of liberal west-coast writers. You can pick up a copy here or read endorsements from others here.


Dear Church: Letters From a Disillusioned Generation is a series of letters from a twenty-something who isn’t sure she wants to be part of the institutional church anymore. Ultimately, the book explores frustration with organized religion and points the way to life beyond disillusionment.You can pick up Dear Church here. Read press about the book or read the Amazon reviews here. (Note: Beyond the Broken Church is an updated, expanded version of this one.)