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An Update: When Less Is More

Instead of writing a blog post for you, I’m hunched over the kitchen counter drawing icing eyes on a fruit shishkabob caterpillar. Welcome to the this-writer-has-toddlers stage. Today, I bring you a blog update from the top of the block tower however. Picture me at a lego podium surrounded by news crew mics, while toting […] Read more…

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Friendship as Sacrament – More Quotes About Friendship

God is not only a personal God who is deeply involved in each individual life, but he is also interpersonal. He not only exists in me and in you, but also between me and you, in our relatedness to one another. The love we share in human relationships is part of the grandness of a God who cradles us tenderly in his all-loving embrace. Whenever pure, selfless love is shared, we experience God. Read more…

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Meetups & Book Reviews

It’s raining. The grass is wet. Little dimples fill the lake. Water coats the deck and driveway with a slick, glossy finish. The backyard is growing at mach speed. To make up for the lack of summer outside, we’ve been painting and play-doh-ing, reading and playing so many double headers of living room kickball. And […] Read more…

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Parenting > Blogging

My oldest, Justus (also known as The Emperor), turned 5 on Earth Day. While five years is a relatively short time-span, it’s nothing to sneeze at when you’re the mom of said creature. They grow old in the blink of an eye, you know. (Or if for some reason you don’t know, everyone who has […] Read more…

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Love Will Be What You Let It Be

Fuzzy blond-haired boys roll into my kitchen every day around 7:00 and proceed to order food as if they were regulars at a local breakfast dive. More often than not, they opt for eggs, not because of taste or nutrition, but because little boys rarely get the chance to break small fragile objects or unleash […] Read more…

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Making Friends in Adulthood: What’s the Trick?

In high school, you sat for hours in the same classrooms or ran the gym for hours on the same sports teams. In college, you lived in the same buildings–“dorms”–where for four years, you didn’t need to do anything but walk out the door to find yourself surrounded with friends and acquaintances.

But many people are taken by surprise how the nature of friendship can change as they age. Alex Williams recently took on this phenomena in his New York Times piece, “Why Is It Hard to Make Friends After 30?” Read more…

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