Non-fiction; Faith & Spirituality

The Well Balanced World Changer

First published in 2013.

Summary of Contents

What happens when idealism and reality crash into each other (and you)?

If you have ever passionately invested yourself in living your faith, championing a cause, or representing some noble ideal, you’ve probably experienced a faceoff between idealism and reality.

Society often recognizes its deficits—poverty, crime, divisiveness, anxiety, excess—yet it rarely celebrates the rise of people who want to change those shortcomings. Still, many of us chip away at the world as it is, believing that a better world is possible.

While in that place where we work to see good come about, we meet resistance almost daily: between dreams and disappointment, between wholeness and dysfunction, between past and future.

This can lead to frustration, bitterness, disillusionment, loneliness, and exhaustion. It can lead to people abandoning the church, faith, and God. . . or just becoming more passive, less passionate versions of their former faith-charged selves.

Don’t give in! This book is your survival guide. You can champion your cause and your faith, even in a broken and dysfunctional world. Stay in the race and take this guide along as source of fuel, rest, and encouragement along the way.

  • Section 1

    Worth & Success

  • Section 2

    Health & Balance

  • Section 3

    Peace & Perseverance

  • Section 4

    Risk & Control

  • Section 5

    Alignment & Relationships

  • Section 6

    Plans & Priorities

  • Section 7

    Passion & Identity

  • Section 8

    Desires & Frustrations

  • Section 9

    Faith & Expectations

  • Section 10

    Humility & Perspective

Publication Information

Paperback: 288 pages

Published: First Ed. 2013
Available in: English

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Moody



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