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How Has Technology (or Other Things) Changed Society: Your Invitation to Vent, Soapbox, and Brag

What social norms or behaviors from the past do you miss? You can comment on this post with a specific social behavior or trait you miss...or you can just give me some general observations. It doesn't matter if you can clearly put your finger on what EXACTLY is missing. Grab your soapbox and say anything you want. It'll all help with this exploration, I promise. Also, feel free to insert your two cents on this as well: Which new widely accepted social behaviors do you suspect aren't good for society?

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Social Norms: Can They Be Changed for the Better?

In other words, if we understand how social norms are formed and how they change, we might be able to also change them for the better. One fascinating study by Cristina Bicchieri and Hugo Mercier investigated this possibility.

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The Community That Slowly Rotated

But it's when many of these tiny changes in social behavior are combined—one degree added to another to another—that we may eventually begin to notice our entire sense of community has changed. Practices and priorities we once held valuable may have rotated out of the picture. And, unknowingly, we may have lost some of what we originally meant to experience along the way.

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The Bystander Effect: Why People Don’t Help In a Crisis

A bystander effect experiment: Using bystander effects and examples, Sarah Cunningham explores why people don't always help in a crisis. What is the bystander effect? The definition of bystander effect or bystander effect psychology, is when people fail to intervene to help another human in an emergency scenario. Diffusion psychology...

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The Man Who 75 People Watched For an Hour

the firefighters, policemen, and 75 beachgoers watched as this woman's son stepped forward into the water and drowned to death. The first step toward a more connected life experience, then, is raising our collective awareness. It's giving ourselves permission to pause and hold onto those fleeting concerns about the pace and disconnectedness of society.

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