Now, more than ever,
we need each other.

This is why.

We’re the most connected generation to ever live.

Yet we still sometimes feel disconnected from the people around us. We sense there might be “more.” We wonder if we could have deeper, more satisfying relationships than the ones we’ve experienced. But we often feel too busy to find new ways to connect.

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    But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Professionals in fields like medicine or marketing often use “best practices”–proven methods to achieve their desired outcomes. I believe there are also social “best practices” that, when employed, greatly increase our chance of forming satisfying relationships. For two years, I’ve been interviewing hundreds of people to uncover such “best practices” that help us develop meaningful connections to those who share our world.

  • This site is a stake in the ground for community.

    The ability to connect with others impacts every area of our lives–from family to the workplace. Yet we probably never took a class on friendships. Instead, most learn to socialize through trial and error…while still in middle school. That’s why the Truth or Dare Podcast is committed to sharing new, ongoing insights to boost your social health. In each episode, leading social experts reveal little known “truths” and “dare” listeners to apply them.

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    It's up to you to choose connection.

    I’m convinced the principles and skill sets that lead to a more connected way of living can be learned. So in early 2016, I took a stab at creating a series of live videos designed to boost viewers’ social health. It was called “The Love Your World Challenge.”   I’m incredibly grateful for the several thousand viewers who participated in this endeavor and inspired many more videos to come.

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  • If the right people join hands, it can change the world.

    I believe God designed humans to live in relationship with others. And while friendship may be the most basic building block of community, true connectedness extends far beyond person-to-person relationships. It moves us to stand in solidarity with distant peoples on the other side of oceans and marginalized residents in our own communities. And it takes on world issues–like poverty, racism, and terrorism–that arise, in part, from a breakdown in community. Deep connection puts strangers on the path to become family.

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This is the beginning of a
beautiful relationship.

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