Social Norms: Can They Be Changed for the Better?

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Over the last two weeks, we talked about how society *mysteriously* shifts a little bit at a time–almost perhaps unnoticeably [Read more about Change Blindness]. How slooooowly, we let go of old social patterns (say playing baseball in the street) and replace them with new ones (maybe playing video games inside in the air conditioning?). These tiny, incremental shifts … Click here to read more.

Surround Yourself With Good People: Positivity Spreads

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I end the week with just one simple (but far-reaching) reflection:

What kind of emotions are you injecting into the world this week? Because whatever you’re putting out there, you’re fostering more of that.

For one week in January 2013, Facebook analyzed three million posts from users’ news feeds. Linguistic software was used to determine whether an update was positive

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Psychology of Influence: Connected–How Your Friends’ Friends’ Friends Affect You More Than You Think

Psychology of Influence

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing writing that explores connectedness, starting with some excerpts from the book Friendship as Sacrament. [Read the whole category here.]

Today, I am moving onto a newer resource whose subtitle will make your brain scramble to keep up. It’s Connected: How your friends’ friends’ friends affect everything you feel, think, and Click here to read more.

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Salvation in the Old Testament? How Non-Family Became Family.

Salvation in the Old Testament? How Non-Family Became Family.

I’ve been using Wednesdays to discuss why I believe friendships have played a critical role in the history of the faith. Most recently, this brought up a question: Why would a God who didn’t want man “to be alone” decide to divide humans from each other at The Tower of Babel? (If you’re just starting today, you can read Click here to read more.

Male Friendship: What The Research Says About Guy Friends.

Male friendship guy friends

I’ve been plowing through research on how humans connect to each other for several weeks now.

We’ve covered a lot of territory so far, following how people experience friendship from childhood to older adulthood. Besides looking at how life stage impacts our relationships, one of the most common themes in existing research has been related to friendship and gender.


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Why People Don’t Rise Up Against (Even Bad) Change

As the living-room-picture experiment showed, we may not always notice subtle shifts in society because of something researchers call change blindness.

When it comes to our social-awareness researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard hypothesize that people set thresholds that determine what kind of behaviors we will give attention to or accept.


We likely believe stealing is wrong, for example. … Click here to read more.

Surround Yourself With Good People

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On Fridays, I’ve been curling up with my fleece blanket and coffee and typing out links to other sites worth reading.

Will Oremus points out how Selfie Culture has gone so far, the world is developing phones to accommodate it. Introducing the Selfie Phone

The “Desire Eye” is a new midrange smartphone from Taiwan-based HTC, announced Wednesday,

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Friends and Lovers

friends and lovers, friends with benefits

Friends and Lovers

The last few weeks, I’ve been pausing mid-week to share some meaningful quotes from Friendship as Sacrament, a book about how humans relate to each other. [You can get more info about the book and other books about friendship here.]

I’ve met people who are possessed by God. You have met them too. There is

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