An Update: When Less Is More


Instead of writing a blog post for you, I’m hunched over the kitchen counter drawing icing eyes on a fruit shishkabob caterpillar.

Welcome to the this-writer-has-toddlers stage.

Today, I bring you a blog update from the top of the block tower however. Picture me at a lego podium surrounded by news crew mics, while toting a diaper clad toddler with Click here to read more.

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I Challenge You To Read All the #Ferguson Evidence From Both Sides

Ferguson Documents Ferguson Court Documents Ferguson Case Files

I’m a writer. And to make matters worse,  I write about connectedness. About the relationships that bind us to other people in our communities. So it’d be hard for me to NOT write about Ferguson.

But the more I scrolled through my social media feeds, the less I felt like posting anything.

There was already SO MUCH being said.

Such … Click here to read more.

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Donkey In the Living Room Giveaway Winners

Special thanks to everyone who entered our Donkey In the Living Room giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, and this blog. We’re thrilled to give away 3 complete Donkey in the Living Room sets (book+toy), as well as 10 hardcover books to the winners below whose names were chosen through an online randomizer.

If you won, you will be receiving an email … Click here to read more.

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Family Christmas Giveaway: The Donkey In the Living Room


Christmas Toy Giveaway

Holy smokes. You guys. I am SO grateful for the support swelling around Donkey In the Living Room this last couple months.

It’s hard to describe the wonder I feel when I think about what’s happened so far with this project.

The short recap: This children’s Christmas book, which I first self-published in 2012, helps families begin … Click here to read more.

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An Important Observation From Sodom and Gomorrah: Welcome People, Care For Them


For several weeks, I’ve been tracing themes of relationship and connectedness through the Bible. [Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve covered so far.] This isn’t necessarily a theological exercise, as much as it is a building essay–one that tracks how “connectedness” was vital for early humans and their developing world.

Toward Everyday Well-Being

I grow uncomfortable when I hear … Click here to read more.

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Why Fostering and Maintaining Relationships Should Be Among Christians’ Core Doctrines


Some of you have been following since the beginning of this series, as I began to trace why relationships are so important to me and why I think they are also important to God. The trick of stretching this theme out over many Wednesdays, though, is that sometimes, readers might just catch one or two installments, and they might not Click here to read more.

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How Has Technology (or Other Things) Changed Society: Your Invitation to Vent, Soapbox, and Brag


I’ve been making observations left and right these last few Mondays. Among them:

Click here to read more.

Surround Yourself With Good People

weekend photos, images, graphics, pics

It’s Friday. (But you knew that, right?) Here are three articles that got my attention this week. Now go. Go drink deep of your weekend.

Oh, Kristen Howerton, you said it so well. Down with firepitting!

We’ve got a new metaphor in our house to describe a bad habit that we often fall into. We’re calling it “firepitting.”


Click here to read more.

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