Church Leadership; Faith & Spirituality

Portable Faith

First published in 2013.

Summary of Contents

Portable Faith is a book of first steps for churches and leaders who hear God’s call and are ready to follow..

Sarah Cunningham’s insightful writing will first upturn your assumptions and lead you to critically evaluate your own perceptions about evangelism and outreach. She then offers a rich collection of practical, engaging, inexpensive exercises for small groups, individuals, or an entire congregation. Work through the exercises, and you’ll be equipped to go out, to transform the strange new world beyond your church’s doorstep.

  • Chapter One

    The Origins of a Portable Faith

  • Chapter Two

    Reflections on the Meaning of Church

  • Chapter Three

    14 insights on Being the Portable Church

  • Chapter Four

    How to Train the Portable Church

  • Exercises

    30+ Exercises for Churches Who Want to Make Faith More Portable

Publication Information

Paperback: 172 pages

Published: First Ed. 2013
Available in: English

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Abingdon



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