Research How People Connect

Professionals in fields like medicine or marketing often use “best practices”–proven methods to achieve their desired outcomes. I believe there are also social “best practices” that, when employed, greatly increase our chance of forming satisfying relationships. For two years, I’ve been interviewing hundreds of people to uncover such “best practices” that help us develop meaningful connections to those who share our world.

Long Format Qualitative Interview

Description: Participants are invited to take part in a research study to examine how friendships are formed, sustained, deepened, and dissolved.

50-55 Questions

Takes approx. 2 hours

  • Participants must be 18 or older.

  • Interview will be digitally recorded, as well as transcribed.

  • Interviews may be conducted in person, by phone, or via video conference.

Participants are selected from the pool of adults who complete the volunteer application. If you would like to submit an application for possible participation, please click the button below and complete the form in its entirety.


Research Questionnaire

Description: Participants are invited to complete an online survey of structured questions. This survey aims to validate my research by cross verifying findings from the qualitative interviews. The practice of combining multiple methods to gather data, called “methodology triangulation,” is designed to increase a study’s credibility and validity.

40-50 Questions

Takes approx. 45 minutes

  • Participants must be 18 or older.

If you would like to volunteer to participate by completing this online questionnaire, please submit your name and contact information. Volunteers will be wait listed until the analysis of Stage 1 long format qualitative interviews has been completed.

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