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What Are People Saying: Stephen Colbert, Jonathan Wilson-Hargrove and More

Things be busy. I am so glad I'm not the only one touching on humanity, who likes to serve up a helping of connectedness or celebrate relationship from time to time. Sometimes I need inspiration from others who write about my own favorite themes...and sometimes, my life just sweeps in and sidelines my schedule and I am thankful to direct you to other voices who lift up great content in my quieter days. I'm back this Monday, but in the mean time, here's a few pieces I enjoyed this last ...

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What People Are Saying: Jen Hatmaker, Ellayne Shaw, Amy Bishop, Jonathan Merritt

What People Are Saying captures recent writings about connectedness and community. Features Jonathan Merritt, Jen Hatmaker, Amy Bishop, Ellayne Shaw

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What Are People Saying No. 4

A weekly collection of the internet's best links on friendship, community and connectivity.

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