Welcome, Friends

No matter how quickly our culture moves,

life works best when we live it together.

We’re the most connected generation to ever live. Yet we still sometimes feel disconnected from the people around us. This breakdown of community is bad for our personal health and for the health of our world.

In my research, people often sense there might be “more”–that we may not be experiencing the kind of rich connections humans are capable of having. But, we say, we often feel too busy or over-stimulated to work out alternative ways of living.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For the last two years, I’ve been interviewing hundreds of people about their social health. While doing so, I began collecting “best practices”–healthy habits that help us:

  • redeem our sense of community.
  • create more satisfying social lives.
  • develop meaningful connections to those who share our world.

This site is a stake in the ground for community. And it’s an invitation to join the historic band of people who have found extraordinary displays of brotherhood and sisterhood in our ordinary world.

A few things we know about friendship

We’re in our social prime at
years old.
of those we call friends consider us friends in return.
A full
of teens have met a new friend online.
Not having friends is as
risky as smoking
cigarettes per day.