Congratulations on Being a Good Human No. 2 – Bizarre Stories of Extraordinary Human Acts

iphone goes off in court

Get this.

Fellow mitten dweller, Michigan judge Raymond Voet, just held himself in contempt of court.


Here’s what happened. He was presiding over 64A District Court in Ionia County when he bumped his new smart phone and it began talking, saying, “I can’t understand you.”

First, Voet said he’s sure his face flushed bright red.

But then, he did something a little out of the ordinary.

Since the court normally charges those who don’t follow the cell phone policy with contempt of court and fines them $25, the judge decided his only option (other than hypocrisy) was to level a charge against himself.

He says if he can’t live by the rules he enforces he has no business enforcing the rules.

Whoa. Who knew? A power holder equalizing himself instead of abusing his privilege. You’ve earned this week’s congratulations on being a good human, Mr.Voet. =)

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