I Filter Life Through What’s Convenient For Me

busy, busyness, busy-ness

Most times on most days, I tend to be self-centered. Not overtly selfish, mind you. But–you know–centered on myself, my family, my to-do list.

But sometimes, I manage to look outward from where I am standing. To see the people around me, to notice them, their state of being, their needs.

On my best days, I  not only notice the peripheral beings around me, but I leap to action, instinctively acting to lessen burdens and breathe hope. Other days, I see need and begin calculating. I bite my lip, think about it, check the time, add up resources in my head.

I try to filter my life through what’s convenient for me.

What’s amazing (and telling), though, is that the times I’ve been willing to stretch myself beyond what’s convenient have routinely produced some of the brightest, most transforming things that have ever happened to me.

So I join Kristin, the author of the excerpt below, in remembering that inconvenience is often worth it.

I received a text on vacation. “We have a friend who is 8 ½ months pregnant with a 6 year old son and she is here from Africa. She has no place to live. Do you know anyone in the DC area?” I wracked my brain, and immediately went into action, sending out texts to connections I had in that area. She needed to stay close to be near the hospital and her doctor. My home was an hour away, without traffic. “She will be on the streets by tomorrow. The state has already paid for 5 days in a hotel,” another text said.

My attempts at finding a place close to the doctor were turning up futile. “I mean, we could take her in, but, I couldn’t promise being able to get her back and forth to her doctor in DC. I mean, I home school 3 of my kids, run a business and have a busy life,” I told myself.

Read the rest of Kristin’s story here.

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