Key To The Street (Congratulations on Being a Good Human No. 5)

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Congratulations on Being a Good Human No. 5

This is Jess Lowry. And while normally, I flood this category of posts with people who commit out-of-the-ordinary acts of kindness, I think she’s bringing something to the plain of community via a different kind of genius.

Jessica has a passion for functional space, giving people a voice in the community in which they live and making neighborhoods easier and more enjoyable to walk.

Key To The Street

This led her, among other projects, to become the founder of Key to the Street, the organization that is securing funding for a new app called a “Walkability Tool“. Insert neighborly awesomeness.

The app will ask users to “identify a street you wish was more walkable”, to record their vision for how the street could be improved, and then set a location and invite others to collaborate in a re-design. Jessica hopes the app will inspire users to discover the “walkable potential” of their city and to give average citizens the chance to raise a collective voice to impact city planning. She proposed its construction to The Banff Centre during SXSW. Her pitch won and as a result, this app is now being developed.

Hats off, Jessica. Here’s to more re-imagining Front Porch America where people get out and walk their communities together.

(Before you go, here’s where you can see some other good humans.)

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