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A 3-letter Answer That Diffuses Every Argument

Behind most arguments and hurt feelings lies one question: ...The next time you're in an argument or dealing with hurt feelings, give this diffuser a whirl: take a step back from the immediate problem and send a message

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Willpower and Friendship

Unfortunately, my own fierce focus does not, as it turns out, have much reach into--say--other people's minds, hearts or souls. My willpower is completely vulnerable, useless and stripped of power when it comes to influencing ?other people?. (Which is good because we all probably need several reminders a day that life isn't about control.)

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Get Rid of Your Friends Once And For All

We can settle for a card instead of a birthday lunch. A text instead of a call. A "next time" instead of a "yes, I'll be there".

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