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New Post for Clever People

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Community Stations Portable Faith by Sarah Cunningham

Community Stations: An Idea for Focusing on the People Who Share Your Community

One way you could do this? A few times a year, create "community stations" in your sanctuary using tables displaying items like local newspapers, city phone books, photos, directories of school staff or city personnel, calendars and so forth?. Then, during the service, invite people to these stations and ask them to spend a few minutes reflecting on or praying for the people and groups represented by the information.

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Air B&B, air bnb safe, airb&b, airbnb

Air B&B: Would You Rent Overnight Accomodations From a Stranger, AKA “Local Tour Guide”?

Offering a diversity of accommodations - from private homes to private islands in over 33,000 cities in 192 countries - Airbnb unlocks the doors to unique spaces around the globe. Now people can discover a authentic, local side of the cities and cultures they visit while providing their hosts with a new stream of income. Our community is comprised of users, passionate and eager to explore and enrich the world through the sharing of space. We invite you to join the movement and become part of our story.

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