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How to Connect With a Very Specific Group of People: Your Kids.

  Photo Credit: mrhayata This week's podcast guest, Brian Housman, takes on challenges well-known to parents--how to prioritize one's family in the midst of a racing, high tech culture. Brian Housman is an author and parenting expert who has written 4 books, including his latest--Tech Savvy Parenting. He has lead student and parent programs from coast to coast as well as several international locations and has had the privilege of speaking at more than 200 conferences and ...

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Want to Be Perceived as Beautiful? Be Kind.

This week's podcast guest, Dr.Eva Ritvo, teamed up with her lifelong best friend to write a book that offers an expanded definition of beauty. In this episode, she unpacks the art of self-care, an important part of maintaining the balance and well-being needed to build relationships with others. Eva also shares insights from neuroscience about the importance of kindness. Eva is an author and psychiatrist with 25 years of neuroscience and psychiatry experience.  She is the former vice ...

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Conversational Skills That Boost Your Social Success, Featuring Patrick King

Some people seem like they were born to be socialites. They hit it off easily with others, they handle large groups in a breeze, and they small talk with ease. While some may be born with a disposition that makes it easy to be outgoing, Conversation Coach Patrick King says that with your social life (or anything else), there are two tracks. Either believe you just are who you are and that can't be changed. Or believe you can learn and grow and change to become more of what you want. Pa...

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Hacks for Handling Difficult Conversations and Fielding Feedback

There are all kinds of conversations that we dread in life. Break-ups, firing an employee, confessing a mistake, announcing a divorce are some obvious ones. But there are also smaller, daily conversations that carry little bits of ordinary tension and awkwardness. Author Sheila Heen's podcast episode teaches us how to handle both. Sheila has been with the Harvard Negotiation Project for twenty years, teaching negotiation and difficult conversations at Harvard Law School and in Harvar...

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Searching for Morality in a High Tech Age

People still have strong ideas about what's right and wrong. In the process of exploring how our morals develop, author Eden Collinsworth sought out a prime minister, a pop star, a holocaust survivor, and a former commander of the U.S. Air Force. In this week's episode of Truth or Dare, she shares what she learned. Eden is a former media executive and business consultant. She was president of Arbor House Publishing Co. and founder of the Los Angeles-based monthly lifestyle magazine, ...

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