Instagram Friendship: A Documentary from Jean Antolini


While I use Facebook and Twitter almost daily, Instagram has always been a side gig. A way to upload photos to the other social networks, not a way to interact with others.

But apparently I’m missing an opportunity.

Instagram user Jean Antolini was drawn to the photos another user, @DCW805, posted. “She could make little, little things look so beautiful. That’s really someone who really focuses in the details, and she just had a lot of close-up.”

Jean and her new found friend, Dorothy, went from exchanging comments on Instagram to texting and eventually meeting in person, with no creepy sidebars. Just friendship.

Around the same time, it so happens, Jean was taking a class at the WHYY Philadelphia National Public Radio where students learned to create six-minute documentaries. She decided to make her documentary, now called My Pocket Pal about finding friendship on Instagram.

She told one news outlet, “It was just a truly a life-changing experience to meet someone who you knew their whole life story before you ever met them. There is a certain compassion when you get to know someone in depth when it’s not based on physical appearance,” Antolini said.

Read more of their story here. Or here.

What about it? What’s the likelihood you’d engage in real life meetings with someone who contacted you online?


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