About Me

I’m Sarah.

They call quirky people like me “creatives.”
But I’m a self-professed nerd.
(Who hopes the rumors are true: that nerds will one day rule the world.)

Officially speaking,

I’m an idea junkie who loves to bring people together around good things. I’ve been a part of many inspiring projects and events, including STORY and People of the Second Chance.

Plus I write…

I’ve written five books and contributed to four others, but I’m almost SURE I’ve got better books in me…yet to come.

Curious to read one? Picking Dandelions: A Search for Eden Among Life’s Weeds.

But off the record, I’m …

A culture (not pop-culture) addict.
A wannabe jet setter.
A reading junkie.
A lifelong tomboy.
An aspiring vigilante.
A true fan of Prison City (Jackson, Michigan).
(Which also makes me a Lake Lover and Mitten Dweller.)
A person of faith.

They call me…

Skinny white girl.
The coach’s wife.
Chief servant to the emperor.
(And his newly appointed Chief of Staff.)
Everybody’s sister.

I live to…

Restore people’s sense of community.
Champion brotherhood.
Crowdsource life.

On faith…

My dad is a baptist church planter.
I graduated from a Free Methodist college and a Lutheran grad school.
I call a Wesleyan church plant home.
I learn from, LOVE and listen to (but don’t always agree with) friends from the right, the left and the in-between.
If that makes me difficult to understand, I hope it makes me confounding in the same way Jesus was.
I would be glad to be lumped in with his methodology: for welcoming those the crowd expected him to reject and loving those the crowd wanted him to shame.

If you write me, I’ll write you back.

sarahraymondcunningham (at) gmail (dot) com

Make my day. Let’s get to know each other.

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