Creating Meaningful Spaces – Learning Hospitality: Round 2


Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

For the last four weeks I’ve been trying out new recipes (and inviting others to do the same) for the first round of a blog series called Learning Hospitality.

We’ve given away copies of Bread and Wine, Lifegiving and Eat With Joy. And today, I’m announcing the winners of two aprons made by Love to Sleep and Charming Apron. They will go to Hilary Perkins and Kara Hubbs.

The Next Round of Learning Hospitality

So we’ve been focusing on preparing food for the community of people that gather at our homes. We called that the Community Table.

Now we’re turning to the home itself. This month, each week, I’ll be doing something that helps add meaning to the spaces where people gather in our homes. I’m calling this round Meaningful Spaces.

Creating meaningful spaces could include actions like:

  • Creating a collection of framed pictures of loved family and friends
  • Posting inspiring or value-driven art
  • Incorporating objects or symbols that represent family or community memories
  • Involving family or friends in creating something useful to guests
  • Improving the experience of guests by adding items useful to them
  • and so much more! It’s open to your creativity.

Once again, starting next Thursday, anyone else who tries to add meaning to their space over the next week and shares it via the comments will be eligible for the weekly prizes. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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