There Is More Than One Option

“We used to do things together, but now in the rare moments we do get together, we just spend time talking about the past. We don’t have much in common anymore.”

I’ve heard many a people offer this reflection, pensively. It’s the narrative we tell our selves to make sense of a change in our life’s plot or main characters.

Life brings us change, we collectively shrug. Sometimes you just drift apart.


This is when I want to scream a small, but powerful word.

You get together more and more occasionally, resolving to drift apart OR…

You decide to make new shared memories together, so you have more things to talk about present-tense.

Life, schedules, circumstances…none of it is perfect. It’s not always easy to connect. And friendships don’t grow on auto-pilot.

But there is more than one option.

Let a friendship slip through your fingers. OR…do something about it.

This has been a friendly reminder to keep nurturing relationships that matter to you. Name what’s happening. Act to change things. Enjoy the new conversation topics, inside jokes and candid photos that will result.




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