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Air B&B: Would You Rent Overnight Accomodations From a Stranger, AKA “Local Tour Guide”?

Offering a diversity of accommodations - from private homes to private islands in over 33,000 cities in 192 countries - Airbnb unlocks the doors to unique spaces around the globe. Now people can discover a authentic, local side of the cities and cultures they visit while providing their hosts with a new stream of income. Our community is comprised of users, passionate and eager to explore and enrich the world through the sharing of space. We invite you to join the movement and become part of our story.

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Heads Up, It’s Thread Up – $10 Free to Use on Brand Name Resale Consignment Clothes

Heads Up, Threads Up: Clothes for Kids Online Before you get suspicious, let me explain that this is not a sponsored post. As you know, rarely, and I mean rarely, do I share a product or service other than a book or an occasional iPhone app on my blog. Meet the kids store that has me breaking habit: Thred Up. I just can't resist the collaboration and community factor. Thred Up is a socially responsible online children's store that connects you to gently used, name brand clothes ...

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Michael O’ Leary and Ryanair’s Most Expensive Policy

Now let's insert the actual charge: Sorry sir, but you forgot to bring your boarding pass. That'll be $76.00. Yep. 76 bucks. Fork it over or don't get on the plane. ?Apparently these mind-boggling fees, lopped onto the bills of absent minded fliers, subsidize the bargains the airline passes onto other travelers who play by the rules.

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