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5 Relationship Skills for the Aspiring Life of the Party

5 relationship skills you might be missing from life coaches at The Change Blog, Pick Your Brain, Supercharged Life, Change Your Thoughts and The Bridgemaker.

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Friends For Life: The Cliff Notes to Life Long Friendships

The simple secrets to lifelong friendship via friends for life who continued to meet up to take the same photo for 30 years.

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Top Blogs For Friends: 10 Must Read Friendship Sites

some of them bravely slosh around in topics I would be banished to Iceland before blogging about, but all of them have something smart, meaningful or savvy to say about how relationships work.

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Why Some People Never Make Friends

If you're not sure whether they'd take your call, then leave a voicemail and see what happens. If you're not sure whether you'd have anything to talk about, strike out to say something and hope for a response.

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